Monday, 14 January 2013

ROLLING STONES Complete Catalogue

To accompany the British release of Let It Bleed in December 1969, and to commemorate the end of a decade in which the Stones had earned untold millions for them, Decca printed a 12-page colour booklet detailing the band's discography. Copies were sent to record stores, to stimulate orders of their back catalogue. A few enterprising eBay sellers have claimed that the booklet was in fact enclosed with the first batch of albums. I've never seen any evidence for this, but it hasn't stopped copies of the LP that are sold together with the booklet fetching vast sums. Not many can have been printed, and as far as I'm aware it has never been made available online - so here goes.

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  1. Wonderful to see this, thank you for taking the time! I've always loved those shots from the back page session, makes you imagine another reality perhaps?

    Great resource on all your extra pages so far, I probably need to get scanning more myself...