Wednesday, 9 May 2012


This fold-out lyric sheet (with drawings by The Mascara Snake) accompanied early US pressings on both Straight and Bizarre in June 1969.

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  1. Dear Richard - we have never met, my name is Garth Chilvers and I live in
    Cape Town, South Africa. I have been involved in writing and researching South African contemporary music for some years, co-authoring and publishing 2 titles : History of Contemporary Music of South Africa (1994 ), and Music and Musicians of South Africa (20070. I was most pleased to find this site as for many years I have purchased vinyls which have inserts missing : it is quite frustrating, also bear in mind that more than 99% of vinyl issues emanating from South Africa from 1960 never came with lyric sheets or inserts. Recently I purchased the Moby Grape original withdrawn vinyl ( finger cover) and Trout Mask from the states - no inserts. Perhaps you may consider adding these to your site ? Another poster that is impossible to find is the Jethro Tull Benefit. Any thoughts. I'm more than pleased to start with some of your inserts already, really happy to have found the Beefheart. Thank you.